By using advanced technology, we are able to give you the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Accuracy is important! With advanced imaging, CAD/CAM technology, and digital impressions, we provide the greatest accuracy possible.

CEREC Same-Day Restorations

We have eliminated the need to wait several weeks while a dental lab creates your permanent restoration. We can create esthetic crowns, bridges, and veneers inside our office while you wait. Using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), CEREC allows us to create beautiful, strong, affordable restorations all in one visit! CEREC same-day restorations eliminate the need for uncomfortable goopy impressions and allow us to skip the additional step of making a temporary crown. You will receive your permanent impression on the same day – no waiting!

Digital Dental X-Rays

Ultra-low in radiation and high in resolution, digital dental x-rays offer exceptional safety and accuracy. They help us identify conditions such as decay in its earliest stages, giving you the greatest chance for successful and early treatment.

When we take a digital x-ray, it appears almost instantly on our dual monitor, allowing for faster diagnosis and comparison of images. This is especially useful in emergency situations and when performing restorative services such as dental crowns – accuracy is essential! When viewing your x-rays for diagnosis, Dr. Stern can increase contrast, zoom in, and adjust brightness to obtain the most accurate information possible.

We can securely store your x-rays in your digital file and pull them up on our computer with the click of the mouse to compare with previous x-rays, noting any changes in your oral health.

While many patients express concerns over radiation, digital dental x-rays provide a solution. They are up to 90% lower in radiation than traditional x-rays, making them extremely safe. You are exposed to more radiation from being outside, virtually eliminating risk, while providing the highest quality images available today.


3-D Cone Beam Imaging

By implementing 3-D cone beam imaging into our practice, we are able to provide greater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. These high-resolution images provide more detail when viewing your teeth and bone structure.

When placing dental implants, location matters. By using 3-D imaging, we can locate the ideal position to place your dental implant so you can enjoy years of confidence and improved health. 3-D imaging also helps us identify your biological landmarks, such as sinuses, nerves, and other vital structures that we want to avoid during surgery.

The use of 3-D cone beam technology allows us to provide more accurate treatment and to provide early diagnosis such as cysts, tumors, and bone loss.

Digital Imaging and Photography

With digital photography, we can show you accurate images of your smile and explain your treatment options to you. By taking various photographs from different angles, digital photography makes presenting cosmetic dental cases, restorative cases, and recording changes in your smile over time much easier. We securely store these images in your digital chart and can even use them for before-and-after photos and to send in when insurance companies need additional documentation.

While you are in the treatment chair, we can present digital images to you instantly on an iPad so that we can go over your treatment together!

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are small digital imaging devices used to capture still images and videos inside your mouth. We can display them on a computer monitor to describe conditions, treatment, and so that you can see exactly what we see. We can also use our intraoral camera to capture images of pathology and monitor conditions over time.

Laser Dentistry

If you require periodontal (gum) surgery, our office features a soft tissue laser to provide more accurate treatment and faster healing times. By using light energy, lasers can perform gingival sculpting, periodontal treatment, and frenectomies comfortably. Because they utilize a small beam of energy, we remove only the tissue necessary with less bleeding and virtually pain-free!

Electric Handpieces

One of the big complaints we hear from patients is that they don’t like the sound of dental treatment. At Jarrettsville Family Dental, we use electric handpicks to provide quieter, more relaxing treatment. We are sure you will notice the difference during your next dental procedure!

In addition to their superiority in reducing sound, they also provide greater precision than the air-driven handpieces of the past, allowing us to retain more of your healthy tooth structure and provide more conservative, accurate, and higher quality restorations. The super-bright LED lighting gives Dr. Stern the ability to accurately see even the darkest area of your mouth effectively so that he can give you the best restoration possible while removing on the diseased or damaged tooth structure, leaving the rest of your healthy tooth for greater stability.


Isolite is a hands-free suction system that makes treatment more comfortable  and accurate for our patients. It eliminates all debris from treatment and efficiently removes it, allowing for greater control over moisture and humidity. By using a multiple-setting LED lighting system, we obtain better visuals, which results in greater accuracy. Our patients find this system comfortable and always comment on how much more comfortable it makes their treatment.

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