Cracked teeth never happen at convenient times. You might be sitting at your breakfast table, biting into a piece of crusty bread or crunchy cereal and feel the dreaded “crack!”

Oftentimes, teeth already have microscopic fractures and something simple ends up causing the final fracture. Cracked teeth cause pain, sharp edges on your tongue, and sensitivity. At Jarrettsville Family Dentistry, we offer crown and dental bridge procedures to restore your comfort and your smile.

Restorative Treatment With Same-Day Crowns

Unlike other dental offices around Jarrettsville, we offer permanent crowns on the same day we diagnose your condition using CEREC, chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramic. With this restorative dental technology, we employ 3-D imaging as well as computer aided design and manufacture, along with the highest quality materials, to create esthetic, durable crowns that look and feel great – all in one dental visit.

By taking a digital impression of your teeth, we can determine the exact size and shape of your crown. We download the information into our computer software where it is processed and sent to our in-office crown-manufacturing mill.

Using a single piece of ceramic, the CEREC mill will create a protective crown we can place on your tooth immediately.

A Seamless Smile

The staff at our family dental clinic in Jarrettsville can make crowns and dental bridges match seamlessly with your natural teeth. Once we create your crown, Dr. David Stern will put the finishing touches on your restoration, such as shading, to match it to your existing smile. He will also make any final adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

By the time you leave our office, you will have a natural-looking, strong restoration to protect your tooth.

Fixed Dental Bridges For Tooth Replacement

Dr. Stern has helped many people from all around Jarrettsville get dental bridges to help make their smile look and feel healthy and natural. When you lose a tooth, we can create a fixed dental bridge to fill the gap in your smile. Bridges utilize the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth as an anchor to secure an artificial tooth in place. Because dental bridges fill the gap in your smile, they keep your other teeth from shifting. They do not, however, prevent bone loss.

In cases when a patient either cannot have a dental implant or wants another option, fixed dental bridges from Jarrettsville Family Dental can be effective and long lasting with the proper care. Keeping your gums clean and healthy is essential, as with all dentistry. You will also need to keep the area between your artificial tooth and gums healthy so you do not develop an infection. We can share helpful tools and tricks to make it easy to care for your dental bridge.

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Dr. David Stern and our entire team look forward to restoring the comfort and beauty of your smile. We place a high priority on the health of our community and commit to providing you with the personalized treatment you deserve. If you live in the area near Jarrettville come visit for same-day crowns and dental bridges from an experienced, caring and affordable dentist’s office.

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