Have you ever looked at a photograph of yourself and realized that your teeth are not as white as they used to be? You are not alone. Teeth naturally darken with age because of the foods, beverages, and other staining behaviors we subject them to over time.

Whether the culprits are coffee and tea or tobacco and red wine, teeth collect stains over the years and before you realize it, your smile might appear dull and aged.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

While over-the-counter products can remove some surface stains, professional teeth whitening is your best bet to achieve the bright, white smile of your youth.

Many over-the-counter products use abrasives to buff away surface stains but fall short of penetrating the pores of your teeth to remove deeper discoloration. We do teeth whitening At Jarrettsville Family Dentistry a little differently, we offer only affordable, effective teeth bleaching treatments to recapture your sparkling smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. David Stern researched the most effective methods of teeth whitening for his Jarrettsville dental clinic and selected our custom take-home whitening gel tray system to help our patients achieve a brighter smile.

We begin by taking impressions of your teeth to create your personal whitening trays. Your trays will fit snugly over your teeth. Each tooth area has a small receptacle to hold professional strength whitening gel against the surface of your teeth.

How long you wear your trays and how frequently you whiten depends on your level of staining as well as your lifestyle habits. Coffee drinkers and smokers will need to whiten their teeth more often than others using teeth whitening trays from Jarrettsville Family Dental.

When you come to our office to pick up your trays, we will discuss proper use of your whitening trays, how long to wear them, and how frequently you should whiten to achieve the best results.

After several weeks of regular use, you should see dramatic improvements in the color of your teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

For most healthy patients, professional teeth whitening is completely safe. Since you will be under the supervision of Dr. David Stern, he will offer guidance and suggestions to achieve the best results without side effects.

Following the instructions is essential to avoid sensitivity and gum irritation, both of which are common when whitening trays are filled too full of gel or when you leave them in for too long.

We will take before and after shades so you can measure your progress. It’s not always easy to see as your smile changes gradually over the course of your treatment, but compared side by side, the difference is quite noticeable. You can retain your custom whitening trays for future use.

Whitening for Life

We offer a special program for our patients called “Whitening for Life.” If you maintain your recommended dental hygiene appointments, come in for your routine exams, and stay on track with your recommended treatment, we provide you with whitening gel each year to keep your smile looking its best. The Whitening for Life program is another good reason to come in regularly and protect your smile!

Call Us to Schedule a Whitening Consultation

Dr. David Stern and our team look forward to helping you achieve the bright, beautiful smile you have always wanted with the effective teeth whitening treatments our Jarrettsville dentists office has to offer. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to determine what will work best for you!

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