When we explain to our patients that they need a root canal, we can visibly see the dread on their faces. At Jarrettsville Family Dental, we are here to make sure root canal treatments are nothing to fear.

While root canals often have a bad reputation because patients associate them with pain, it is not the procedure that typically causes pain, but the symptoms that brought you to us to begin with. The good news is that a root canal treatment at Jarrettsville Family Dental can often restore your comfort, eliminate your tooth infection and save your tooth.

When Root Canals Become Necessary

Root canal therapy is necessary when your tooth suffers from an infection or an abscess. Sometimes we can pinpoint the cause of the tooth infection while other times it remains a mystery. Because of pressure and inflammation, these infections can cause tooth pain and eventually tooth loss when left untreated. Any infection in your body is something you should address immediately. If you think you have a tooth infection or abscess visit our dental office in Jarrettsville and we’ll see if a root canal treatment is the right procedure for you.

Root Canal Treatment

Dr. David Stern has a gentle touch when it comes to root canals. Part of what sets him apart is his patience, expertise, and kind nature. Rather than rushing through procedures, he will take the time to get it done right and make sure you feel completely comfortable.

Everyone metabolizes medication differently. Before we begin any type of treatment, we will make sure your tooth is completely numb. This will ensure that your root canal feels no different than a common filling.

Dr. Stern will gently clean the infection from inside your tooth, removing any bacteria and diseased tissue so that you can heal properly. Next, he will fill the canals of your tooth with a rubber-like material and seal it with a temporary restoration.

Healing after Root canal therapy

It is normal to feel somewhat sensitive after having a root canal. With each following day, however, you should notice improvement. Once your body’s natural healing process takes over, swelling will reduce, and you will feel like yourself again.

After a root canal, your tooth may be more brittle. We can protect it with a dental crown to avoid any additional damage to your tooth. Dental crowns absorb some of the pressure from chewing, prolonging the life of your tooth.

Why Saving Teeth Is Important

These may seem like heroic efforts to save your tooth. Many patients ask why we do not simply remove the troubled tooth. Tooth loss leads to a host of other problems such as bone loss, shifting teeth, and an uncomfortable bite. Additionally, missing teeth leave a gap in your smile, and replacing a tooth is more costly, time consuming, and involved than saving the ones you have.

Contact Our Jarrettsville, MD Dental Office

If you experience tooth pain, swelling, discoloration, or severe sensitivity, contact us right away. Our skilled dental team here in Jarrettsville can do a root canal treatment or any other dental procedure you may need. The faster you call, the more effectively we can treat you and have you feeling like yourself again.

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