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10 Years of Smiles
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Mary Lou, 3 Years ago

"My family has been coming to Jarrettsville Family Dental for over 10 years. There is excellence in every area of the practice. The staff is professional yet very caring and friendly. Great care is taken to make sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. My husband has had extensive dental work and has been very pleased with the results. We will miss Dr. Doyle who recently retired, but we have met Dr. Stern and anticipate continued excellent work. Thanks to Michelle and Lynn for their dedicated and cheerful service!"

Impressed From the Start
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Stacy, 3 year ago

"I was EXCEPTIONALLY impressed with the fact that Dr. Stern came out into the waiting room to introduce himself and ask a few personal questions on my first visit with him as the new doctor. It spoke volumes of his character and is exactly what most businesses are lacking these days. Lynn, as always, friendly and professional, also taking a moment to ask about family members, have a short personal conversation or answer insurance questions. Michele too, always affable and does a great job without causing me any pain! I strongly recommend Jarrettsville Family Dental for making each visit less clinical and more personal."

Amazing Care!
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Chris, 3 years ago

"Dr. David and his staff provide great oral care. They combine sensitivity and compassion with the most current dental procedures to give excellent service. The waiting room is clean, spacious and comfortable, the staff friendly and helpful and heated neck wraps are relaxing. Jarrettsville Dental does make the dental experience pleasant."

Endless Years of Service
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Greg, 3 years ago

"From the outside Jarrettsville Family Dental looks like a small country practice but it hides the high technology within. I used and benefited from their continuous upgrading since moving to the area in 1979 and they continue to provide appropriate solutions to my dental needs. I have had CAT scans, root canals and crowns made on site while waiting in the chair. I would highly recommend Jarrettsville Family Dental for your dental needs."

Dr. Stern is the Best!
Theodore Taylor, 3 years ago
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"Your office literally is the best! Not only did you fix my teeth, but you also treated me like a human being, individual. You took exceptional care of me in consideration of my huge dental phobia and feel like family at your office. Everyone was very genuine, sincere, and very professional. My heartfelt thanks to you."

New Tooth, New Smile!
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Steve K., 3 Years ago

"I just wanted to express my thanks for your exceptional service in obtaining my new tooth. Throughout my experience you have not only been professional, but kind in your dealings with me. On my behalf, you’ve not only exhibited technical prowess in making dental decisions, but you also, as appropriate, included me in your decision making process. You were also very helpful in willingly answering all of my technical questions each time I came in. Again, thank-you for making getting a new tooth such an enjoyable experience.

I wish the very bless for you, Dr. Stern."

Same Day Crowns
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Sally R., 3 Years ago

"I have been a patient of Dr. David Stern. His dental treatments/services included a bridge and crown. The bridge was in my opinion highly successful due to Dr. Stern’s expertise and thoroughness. The crown was especially interesting because it involved the use of new technology; I had my new crown in less 2 1/2 hours! I would especially recommend Dr. Stern because of his outstanding technical abilities: he is diligent and is very focused on creating a finely crafted product."

Emergency Treatment
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Rita S., 3 Years ago

"I had the pleasure of being Dr. David Stern’s patient when I came in for emergent pain. My first visit with him involved an exam and xrays. The exam involved some painful test and the xray was very difficult for me totolerate. Dr. Stern was very patient and compassionate and talked me through everything.
My second visit involved a permanent filling. He explained everything to me and made sure I knew all my options before proceeding. He did a wonderful job and I am completely satisfied with his work. Dr. Stern is very knowlegable, patient, kind and considerate and I would not have a problem recommending him to any of my friends or family. I have complete confidence in him."

50 Years of Care!
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Valerie, 5 Years ago

"I have been using Jarrettsville Family Dental since I was a child, about 50 years. I have been through many transitions with this group and with each transition things have become more patient centered (love the neck wraps and massage chairs). Through it all, the staff has always provided a friendly, courteous and professional atmosphere. The name ‘Family’ Dental is truly the perfect name. This office makes you feel like you are part of their family while you are there. I met Dr. Stern yesterday and was very impressed with how he came to the waiting room to introduce himself and talk with me on a personal level. I welcome Dr. Stern and look forward to many more years with this great group of caring people."

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